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Michigan Timber Services Buyers of Standing Timber

Michigan Timber Services is your Local Buyer of standing timber. We offer a variety of professional timber harvesting and logging services throughout Michigan’s north eastern lower peninsula (See Service Map Below). 

We have Forestry specialists on staff ready to assist you in the healthy management of your forest. When harvested properly, your timber will return dividends for generations to come. Contact Us now for a FREE estimate.


Michigan Timber Services is your local trucking solution to timber transportation throughout Michigan. We understand the logistics of moving logs from the woods to the mill because we move our own everyday.


Don’t leave your valuable revenue on the forest floor. Let us help you expedite your timber and put your inventory to work for your business. Contact Us now for a FREE estimate.


Michigan Timber Sawmill is your local Sawmill and Seller of Northern Michigan’s highest quality forestry products. We take pride in offering the attention to detail and consistency our customers expect and deserve.


We strive to serve both loggers and buyers of forestry products with honesty and efficiency in every log purchased and wood product sold. Contact Us to discuss how our products and services can help boost your business.

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