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Our Facility - Michigan Timber Sawmill

Michigan Timber Sawmill is strategically located in Hillman, MI and proud to manufacture Northern Michigan’s highest quality forestry products. Our industrial sawmill is capable of handling multiple different soft and hardwood species to manufacture a variety of wood products including cants, grade lumber, and railroad ties. These products are most often used for pallets, grade lumber, and the repair of our railway systems. 


The sustainable processes practiced at our facility allow us to utilize every aspect of our logs right down to the bark, chips, and sawdust. In fact, these wood bi-products play an important role in the manufacturing of particle board, landscaping mulch, and electricity produced by local co-generation plants.


We work hard to minimize waste and maximize the value in every log. Our streamlined manufacturing processes are in place to ensure the right thing is being done for our environment and business, while also providing Our Team the right tools to manufacture high quality products we’re proud to sell and our customers are eager to buy. 

Michigan Timber Sawmill

Michigan Timber Sawmill

Hillman, MI

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