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Jeff F  Lewiston, MI

Our family has worked with several harvesting companies over the years seeking to do our best to manage the forest on a ~350acre parcel in northern Michigan.  Based on our recent engagement with Michigan Timber, they will be our “go-to” service provider for all future harvests.  Their approach allowed us to appropriately balance all the areas of importance, which for us included: esthetics, pest control, deer habitat, timber values, leaving certain large canopy trees for regrowth, and sustaining a solid foundation for future harvests.


Michigan Timbers’ artful harvesting methods kept damage to remaining trees amazingly low.  They frequently provided status updates, and supported face to face walk-throughs, to ensure we were satisfied with their progress and quality of work along the way.  In addition, they were organized from a back office stand-point easily providing proof of insurance, workman comp, etc. as well as crisp paper trails from harvest to payment.

Most importantly, the Michigan Timbers leadership team followed through on all their commitments and in each case, did what they said they would do, inclusive of returning trails and access roads to previous or better than conditions.

Fully recommend considering Michigan Timbers for your next timber harvest.

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